The Party

Mrs. Thyrel showed up first. She has been limping ever since her human became a widow, and over time, as a result of that constant dragging, her right leg grew so long that even the other shadows couldn’t help themselves and stared each time when she was crossing a fence, waiting for the limb to get tangled with the chain links and for Mrs. Thyrel to start screaming. 
Everybody was a bit scared of the way she would scream and Ezcra was no exception. She kept all of her eyes open until the last inch of the shadow came on this side. Only then she smiled, “Dear Mrs. Thyrel, I am so glad that you could come.”

night crickets —
discussing love
in no way easier

©Tzetzka Ilieva, 2016


One thought on “The Party

  1. __ Such imaginative thoughts within by this haibun; nature has so many stories, and most are yet to be known. Smiles_!

    night scene
    not heeding their words
    a bat swoops



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