“You know, we’ve reached this point where every time when I say something, he thinks I am criticizing him and every time when he speaks I think he deliberately chooses his words to make me mad. It’s like we are this old, trapped in our boredom couple, that doesn’t believe in divorce and keeps on riding the same battered carousel again and again, ignoring the peels of discolored paint and the rust on the poles.”

“Then don’t talk to him. He has his own house, you have yours. Why do you, guys, meet at all?”

“There’s no one else, that’s why. Dana passed away last spring. Ivan moved with his son. The young family, that used to rent your uncle’s house, just left one day, gave the keys to Dana, God rest her soul, and left. It’s me and him now…for better or worse…”

inside jokes
the boy winks and takes
a big bite of the apple

©Tzetzka Ilieva, 2016


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