The Peach Sapling

It sprouted unnoticed in the shade of the tall trees. A dense patch of periwinkle around it served as a protection against the ever-curious squirrels. For years, the people from the house did not seem to care, but when the first pink flowers showed up, the woman with the camera came to see them up close. She was hovering under the branches for a while, zooming in, zooming out, at times kneeling, at times rising to her tiptoes.

sudden shower –
the glisten of tiny seashells
on the garden pathway

Months passed. Leaves began to fall at the end of August. Light made its way deeper in the woods. A passing hummingbird got the attention of the children, who rushed to get out a feeder and while looking for the forgotten pole, found the blushing peaches.

bread upon waters –
the understanding smile
of a terracotta frog


©Tzetzka Ilieva, 2016


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