Looking the Fish In the Eye

“You’ve gotta be kidding me,” my daughter steps away from the counter.
“Fish is good for you. It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals, and Omega-3. You know, all that stuff that you buy in bottle.”
“Because I prefer it in a bottle. The capsules are neat and most importantly,” she pauses for effect, “they do not have EYES.”
“You don’t have to eat the eyes. Unless you want to,” I try not to smile.
 “Who’s eating eyes?” Her brother has just entered the kitchen. “Where are they? Oh, cool! Did you save me the scales and the guts?”
“Not this time.”
“Fine,” my daughter’s voice is perfectly calm again. “Make fun of me, if you want, but try to look that fish in the eye and say out loud that you are vegetarians.” And she leaves.

red snapper on the grill
we tell ourselves
it’s just dry thunder

©Tzetzka Ilieva, 2016



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